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Our vision leads us to see further, by making different. By advocating transparent management, our organization pushes the boundaries of the transformation of the woody matter and puts forward the implication and flourishing of its most precious resource, the human resource. Innovation is at the heart of the company’s current and future development and allows us to remain the leader in wood processing. This desire, which animates us, to give a purpose to every piece of wood that enters our factories, pushes us to conceive and produce highly distinctive products, of irreproachable quality, for us and future generations.

2016 We can say that currently


We can say that currently the products (floors and logs) are distributed in more than 1,200 stores throughout North America. BSL Wood Products Inc. headquarter is located in the industrial area of Mont-Joli, Bas-Saint-Laurent region, Province of Quebec. Great employer in the region, BSL Wood Products Inc. is socially involved and gives back to the community. The quality of life and working conditions of its employees is one of its priorities. BSL Wood Product Inc. core values are: respect, simplicity, creativity and rigor.

1965 That year, in the Gaspésie region

THAT YEAR, IN THE GASPÉSIE REGION in the small town of Saint-Damase, was born Gino Ouellet. He was the 8th boy of a family of eight children. His first steps were taken on the land and the great forests of his father. At five, he was already saying, “My life is wood.” Resourceful and hardworking Gino Ouellet stands out for his innovative and entrepreneurial side. At the age of eight, he sold $ 1,000 worth of worms to his community’s outdoor base.

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