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Each room of your house reflects your personality.

Our choice of flooring can match any surroundings, you can create a unique decor as you are.
How to choose a hardwood floor. Many species, multiple colours, finishes, textures and varied widths … Not easy to choose a hardwood floor. How not to be mistaken?

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With its clean and timeless lines, the slatted floor highlights all the natural richness of the wood. Secure investment and good taste, this type of floor revalues the appearance of your home.

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Do you want a very even, pale coloured, wood floor without any imperfection; if so, you need a select grade. Or do you prefer a champêtre look? Then you are looking for a colourful natural grade without surface imperfections, but with knots and yes, it is called a natural grade. But if you prefer a more rustic look, the horizon grade may be what you need!

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 BSL Wood Products  is a leader as far as the quality of its products is concerned as well as for its innovations.



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Unique hardwood floors, value-added heating products and a full range of complementary items are only the beginning of the adventure BSL Wood Products.



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Whether it is for its flooring collections, for its ecological log or its complementary products, BSL Wood Products is trying by all means to use the maximum of what nature has to offer by giving a purpose to each piece of wood entering his factory.




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